Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Everything seems to be irritating me recently. Real-life stuff which I'm not going into, but also online stuff. I can't upgrade from Firefox 2 to FF3 because several of the UI "improvements" annoy the hell out of me (plus, it would finally force me to change from AdBlock to AdBlock Plus, and there are loads of things about the latter that, yes, annoy me). Newsarama's revamp drove me so nuts I've practically stopped visiting the site (CBR's revamp shortly before, oddly, barely registered). IDW's new Transformers revamp (All Hail Megatron) is incredibly crap - but not only did that lead to a rant on their MB, I then flamed their EiC... over the 2004 Legion rereboot, after he called it "the best LSH in years". The one that had me spitting for months back then, and is still a sore spot (see also below, in the "Comics Ennui" post - no, Legion of Three Worlds isn't a good thing, since it's just going to end with (most of, at the very least) them getting killed off (again), since Geoff Johns is writing it, and using his pet killing-characters-he-doesn't-like tool. Yes, this annoys me.)

Combined with the-RL-stuff-I'm-not-going-to-describe, the effect of all of this and more is to leave me in a permanent state of... crankyness, at best. I can't relax, I can't enjoy stuff I know I *should* be enjoying (right now, DVDs of A Bit of Fry & Laurie. Although even S4 of Who was, as a whole, better than S3 at any rate). Getting a new cat (Rocket), helped for a couple of days, but right now, I just want to scream, hit something solid, or both.

And that's annoying.