Saturday, 29 December 2007

Robin Hood 2x12&13: A Good Day to Die

I don't get it. Really.

The episodes, linked as one (the title for the second part was apparently "We Are Robin Hood", but it's wasn't seen on-screen, and the first half title suits both bits better anyway) were decent. Even if Djaq's ritual was a slightly contrived way of doing it, ep 12 got out stuff that needed to be said. Marian was headstrong verging on stupid in trying to kill the Sheriff, but that's been par for the course for her (and her reasoning didn't hold up - even if she had been right, it would merely have been a delay. The guy with the stampbook only came once a fortnight anyway). And, ep 13, sure, Richard should probably have trusted Robin, but frankly it's fair enough that he didn't take the risk.

But it's the ending that I really don't get...

Okay, there's that headstrong streak again - and didn't Richard have a sword she could have grabbed when running over rather than just standing between him & Guy? Especially when she FINALLY let Gisborne have it verbally, standing in front of the guy (no pun intended) who stabbed and nearly killed her once before. But she did, and he killed her.

And I don't get why they did it.

That's my overwhelming feeling after seeing that ending. I really, REALLY don't get the idea behind killing off Marian. It's mortgaging S3 (which I can't see going in any direction except VERY, VERY dark now) against five minutes at the end of S2. And, even if the actress who played her quit, which I haven't heard (and if they reintroduce her as Marian's cousin or something, I can't see myself keep watching...), they should have recast rather than killing her off.

Maybe if they weren't going to get S3 and knew it, but since we KNOW they have a third series, and they knew it well, well before this episode was written.... I'm in shock. I. Just. Don't. Get. It.

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Jaymes said...

I was as bemused as you by that ending.

If they had to kill her off then I thought that they should have done it with her fighting Guy, one-on-one, or accidently ... Guy firing an arrow at the King and her diving in the way, for example.

To have him murder her, in cold blood, does nothing for either character nor the story itself.

I have a sneaking feeling that Marion is not dead and gone. Maybe it is all a fever induced dream while haning in the desert - maybe a nomad will find her body and bring her back with 'dark magicks' - maybe - maybe - maybe ;o)

Anyhoo, found your blog through a link on comicboards (this is Jay Phoenix by the way) so will try to keep on reading!