Monday, 12 January 2009

My aunt has cancer

I found out earlier on today (well, rapidly heading toward "yesterday" now, but...). I haven't spoken to her yet, and apparently she doesn't want me to know (I found out through my mum - she's her sister).

I don't really know what to think beyond "it's bad". I don't know how serious it is, beyond the fact that it hasn't spread yet, so I don't know the survival/longevity odds. After finding out in a phone call, I wandered for a while. Bought a DVD and a book I didn't need. Then I got sick of the same thoughts running through my head over and over with no actual answers, bought two newspapers, went to Pizza Hut, and spent two and a half hours eating and examining the papers in minute detail. Then I spent an hour walking home and trying to keep my head clear because... well... I still don't know what to think beyond "it's bad."

I'll probably see her tomorrow - whether she wants me to know or not, I can't just ignore it. I hope, by that point I'll have some idea of what to think. But I doubt it.

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